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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Fay! I love spa-curious. You’re such a funny disarming whipsmart writer. And I love the clean minimalist look of your site. I think a few well-curated pictures would add a nice dimension – they don’t have to be of you (if you want to keep your cute self anonymous) but even something like the staff fridge, or how nice and neat you arrange your oils and elixirs, or your favorite way to unwind after doing this amazing healing work that you do (like a shot of your boyfriend’s hands massaging your feet or vice versa). I think there are workshops that teach how to post pictures! Love, your secret admirer aka T

    • T – You are a treasure.
      Thanks for the great suggestions! I don’t think anyone wants to see a picture of how I unwind after I get home from work though. This site is PG.

  2. Completely delicious! I love tales from the underground, and I think there can be no such thing as (customer anonymous) TMI from a massage therapist. Although I did raise an eyebrow at Gilmore Girls, really? I’d keep that in the closet, but what do I know I read and loved The Hunger Games trilogy. Also, I am always completely in the dark about how much to tip for all kinds of services, mani/pedis? the person who washes your hair before it is cut? Sadly, I don’t remember when I had my last massage, but thanks for the 411. I now know I’ve got to find a male therapist or one of those asian women, because I’m in knots. J Love hating aside, if you haven’t already read it, for a little inspiration I highly recommend She got a book deal out of it.

    • Ooooooh, I’ve forgotten (out of sheer absence) the glorious abundance of magnificent data you generously dispense!
      Thanks for the Salon info. Unfortunately, last night when I tried clicking on the link, I erased the entire response I constructed to your comment and almost lost my mind.
      Thankfully Michael reminded me that there is a tomorrow and I was able to let it go. (still working on my perfectionism)
      And yes – Gilmore Girls. It has always been my fantasy to play Lorelai to my daughter’s Rory. She once had to hold me back when we saw Alexis Bledel in Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn.
      I wasn’t even allowed the tiniest display of affection. Sigh…

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