Neck & eye pillows

Buckwheat neck pillows feel fantastic, especially when they are warm & scented.  And NOT shared.  Buy one, take it home & do what you’d like with it.  It’s yours – you can lick it, pee on it, jack off with it, etc.  However – when you use it in the spa, keep in mind that right before you take that item out of the hot towel cabi and put it on your sweet clean skin, 12,000 people have also used that same pillow.  The ‘Turban Guy’, the ‘Herpes Client’, and even ‘Abu’ have most definitely enjoyed the same sweat, bacteria & fungus you are now basking in.  Enjoy.

And I’m not a big fan of the eye pillow at all.  They are annoying & boring.  They fall off your face if you turn your head, and the scent lasts for 3 days if you’re lucky.

*Therapists – if you would like to use a heated neck pillow on your client while they are face down on the table, place it on top of the flat sheet covering them so it doesn’t directly touch their neck.
*Important tip for keeping your neck pillow infused with aroma for as long as possible – store it in a large ziploc bag when not in use.