About Spa-curious

I was delighted to learn that spacurious is an actual word.
I picked the blog name simply because I liked the word-play.
Spacurious is an adjective meaning vibrant, outgoing, stands out, aware, and loud.
That works all around. 

I don’t want to write a lot initially because I care about you and don’t want to
give you a lot to do…
You probably already have a lot to do.
However, in order for you to get to know me, I probably have to tell you something about myself.

I like bacon.
I rarely eat it because I know it’s not healthy and I’d be embarrassed if I died from eating too much bacon.
I have a 21 year old daughter.  I like her very very much. She’s pretty and she likes bacon a lot too.

Ok. I’m ready now.

Why spa-curious?

I love spas.  Yes, more than bacon. No, not more than my daughter but I may like bacon more than my daughter.
Please don’t tell her that.
I am a licensed massage therapist who has worked in the NYC spa industry for 14 years.
Although I still love the concept of massage, my body has disowned me, just hates the shit out of me.
It only speaks to me through aches, pain & general contempt.  It’s time to explore other options.

This is my ultimate goal:

I am going to shove so much spa industry information down your throats &
throughout the internet (once I learn how) that someone will find me and say
“Even though this girl owns and treasures the complete series of
“The Gilmore Girls”, she likes pig products and has great passion for massage,
spas and writing, I’m going to offer her a position as a spa consultant
for my very successful magazine/website and will pay her a very
large amount of money because she doesn’t want her daughter to sleep
on the couch anymore when she comes home to visit.”

The first thing I would do is go on a shopping spree at ‘Anthropologie and buy all
of their pajamas so I’d have a new wardrobe to work in.

I’m not sure what I’d do next.
Maybe eat some bacon.


29 thoughts on “About Spa-curious

  1. Ok, I have seen the comments you leave at other places that we both frequent, and I could see that you were funny, so I come here to look around and now I think I love you.

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