Superficial much?

images-3You don’t have to look like a butch dyke or weigh 300lbs to be a good massage therapist…but you would think so.

I work with some really cute therapists – even some male stripper material. Yet when I look online at every massage publication on the shelves, it seems all the therapists look like they live in El Paso, Tx or Binghamton, NY and only get their haircut at “Supercuts” or the barber shop.
I’ve also checked and it’s not against the law to practice massage therapy under the age of 60 & you are not limited to Dress Barn or K-mart to buy your entire wardrobe.
While we’re on the topic – Dress Barn?
Barn – A barn is an agricultural building used for storage. It may sometimes be used to house livestock or to store farming vehicles and equipment.  How is this somewhere you’d want to buy your clothing if you weren’t, say, a farmer?  Now ‘Dairy Barn’ makes perfect sense.  They sell milk, eggs, bacon, yodels – things you would expect to find on a farm or were produced by critters housed in a barn.  Venue for a pig roast – barn. Hoedown throwdown – barn.  Somewhere to purchase something appropriate to wear to those functions?
Dress Barn.

If money is the issue, thrift stores sell stuff that is cheap and you may actually get something attractive that might accidentally have been made by a fashion designer  (says the girl whose wardrobe consists of basically the same 3 black shirts and something beige when she’s feeling bold).

It has no reflection on your abilities to be a kind-hearted and talented therapist if you brush your hair sometimes & put on some mascara.

You needn’t be a runway model or a Baldwin or anything but is it wrong to not want a sweaty, fat, unkempt mess with bad breath to work on me?  Nah.

Just because you work in a field whose philosophy is based on healing & compassion, doesn’t mean you have to shy away from a shower or possibly a manicure.